Thing 4 - Keeping up - RSS

RSS feeds are a wonder and I greatly miss Google Reader.  I still feel lost without it.  I could gripe on and on about the senseless demise of such a wonderful product, but I will refrain.  I have searched high and low for a replacement but nothing quite matched up to Google Reader ( I loved the search feature, and the freeness).  

I tried Google Currents, which worked quite well, but it lacked a desktop/browser component.  It was purely mobile only.  Now Google is pushing out Google Play Newstand which is still mobile only.

I ended up sticking with Feedly.  It is easy to use, I signed up with my Google account, so my previous feeds were all right there.  And it had a desktop function.  Feedly allows you to tag articles (which is a feature that is missing on the mobile app) and save articles for later.   It does offer a search feature, but it is only part of the paid premium version.  If you are looking for a particular article you need to scroll and scroll to find it, if you are using the desktop version it is best to rely on tags to find older articles.

Reading Feedly on the iPad or Android is easy on the eyes and the navigating functions are easy to use.  I just wish search was include in the free version….

Organizing is also super easy.  You can set up your own categories/groups.

Writing this really makes me miss Google Reader.